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PUMA and domestic well-known sports brand shop BEGINS jointly launched Trinomic XS850 2015 days before Valentine's Day Special Edition BEGINS in Beijing held the first activity, singer and BEGINS host identity of Zhou Bichang on the same day came to the event and fans witnessed the trend of the event. On the day of activities, NOWRE also conducted an exclusive interview with Zhou Bichang, interested friends may wish to take a look at. N:NOWRE B: Zhou Bichang, N: you're an artist as a singer. Now, as BEGINS grows, it has a big impact on the domestic bandwagon. How do you see the two different influences on themselves? N: you haven't had a new album for a while, have you ever thought about combining BEGINS with any special work? N: what do you think is the biggest feature of BEGINS compared with other trend brands in China? N: attending the fashion week, working with different brands, and meeting the trends and elements of these foreign countries, what do you think? N: what other areas do y cheap air jordans ou think you need to continue studying in the fashion world, and can you share some of what you've learned? The growth of N:BEGINS is obvious to all. Is it still ready to open new stores? N: apart from the shop, what's the new plan about BEGINS 2015? Can we share it with you? &n〉 Japanese fashion brand nonnative released 2016 days before spring and summer shoes series, choose another foot rich western style interpretation. The nonnative in the shoe hand in the Creative and Island Officine Slipper two Sneaker release, brand building, Boots, Sandal and Slipper shoes, with delicate cortex with comfortable outsole, not only beautiful color, simple and practical but also makes this season nonnative shoes more worthy of trying, interested friends may wish to pay attention to.adidas's regional brand Adidas Originals recently announced a new spring 2011 Samba series. Since the Samba series is the main type of shoes Adidas Originals, that is also a good choice for many dedicated low-key friends, in the spring o air jordan 11 space jam for sale f 2011, but the launch of the three paragraph of color Samba, the launch of the new good to meet the pursuit of all low-key ideas, simple and classic color collocation of various material selection enough to let you in this paragraph three and choose the most suitable for you a. The series will be on sale at the Adidas Originals designated store. 2012-5-16 07:41 upload download attachment (108.04, KB) is now in the playoffs, and we've seen the Zoom Kobe VII Elite from the Zoom Kobe VII system, but suddenly a pair of wearing test samples for Nike, Zoom, Kobe and VI appeared on eBay. You can see the retain most of the design of the final version of the sale, but in the test sample photos we are not difficult to see Zoom Kobe VI on the snake inspiration into the design trend of the maximum shoes shoes are made of polyurethane imitation snake scale effect, only a simple upper swoosh. The road is also covered with snake shading pattern design. Now, the pair of black and white Nike Zoom Kobe VI wearing test samples are jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black on sale at eBay. 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (115.31 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (115.29 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (144.94 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (174.58 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (142.08 KB) 2012-5-16 (07:41 upload and download attachments 137.81 KB 2012-5-16); 07:41 upload and download attachments (128.39 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (149.27 KB) 2012-5-16 07:41 upload and download attachments (119.72 KB) draws inspiration from the world of basketball, NikeBasketball once again to create city series of Hyperdunk Low 2017, including Beijing, New York, Chicago, Losangeles, Madrid and Manila, a total of six city. Each pair of shoes are exclusive from the city to the theme of their performance, " Beijing " don't Chinese words to note the heel embellishment, inspired by New York, Chicago tribute tactical map murdered player Saieed Ivey, Losangeles's Drew Le cheap foamposites ague don't note, sunset game became Madrid's inspiration, finally characteristics the achievements of the Manila Tenement stadium does not note the performance of the theme. Air Jordan 1 of the new color emerge in an endless stream, there will be two Air Jordan 1 'Red Suede' and 'Grey Suede' listing, matte leather uppers are used to build, red and grey color color, very trendy. These two Air Jordan 1, "Red Suede" and "Grey Suede" are only big children's yards for sale. In today's festival, it's perfect for your "goddess"". "what the topic in recent years, as new hot color, although not as good as" MAG "color history long, not as" yeezy color prototype is rare, but the theme identification degree is also very high, and non symmetrical color layout also seems to be more in line with contemporary sneaker aesthetic; overwhelmed and for everyone to bring this from overseas customized Daren DJ Clark Air Force 1 high "what the". get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about s jordan 3 katrina 2018 hoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: djckMIT is currently developing tactile feedback shoes that can help users avoid falling down on the ground, or falling on the moon. although astronauts fall on the moon sounds interesting, but the fact is that when this situation affects the mission of the astronauts, and even endanger their lives. The suit includes everything needed to sustain life in space walking, and it's very complicated. So falling down in space may damage the key components of the suit. astronauts now use space suits that are very bulky and cumbersome, restricting walking and sight lines. In order to improve the ability to move the astronauts, researchers of Aerospace Engineering Department of University of Cambridge and Charles Stark Draper Laboratory MIT Laboratory is currently developing jordans on sale online a set of high-tech space shoes, loaded with micro tactile sensor and motor, in order to provide interactive real-time feedback for astronauts, and guide them to avoid obstacles. at the International Conference on human-computer interaction held last week, researchers have shown preliminary results. You also discussed how sensors and analog components are most appropriate for shoes, or parts of your feet, to provide the best navigational aids. According to this discussion, the researchers plan to further test prototype shoes. however, this shoe is not limited to space use, and YiViAn also thinks it can be used in virtual reality products to make the virtual reality experience more realistic. tactile feedback shoes the shoes are equipped with 3 motors, located on the toes, heels and forefoot. The intensity of the vibration will indicate the hardness of the object, and whether you need to change the route. Rietdyk, a professor of health and kinesiology at the Purdue University, Shirley, is the main research fo Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale cus on neurology and biomechanics of falls, he says: " " provides people with more information about the environment, especially sensory information other than visual information, such as sound and muscle motion perception, which is a very good idea." "(I personally think that these studies will not only help to astronauts), but also help to those that are difficult to understand the specific circumstances of the fire, and the people sensory system function decline, such as the elderly and suffering from diseases and people with motor disabilities." these shoes, in theory, are a great idea that can help thousands of people; but in fact, it's difficult to respond to tactile feedback in time. However, advances in technology will improve the quality of sensors and feedback, and improve accuracy and availability in the virtual world and the real world. many people are afraid of clowns, "coulrophobia" troubling, although not strictly a phobia, but everyone seems to agree that there is such a little weird clown. Have y jordans on sale mens ou ever wondered why? Logically speaking, just a clown make-up wearing silly clothes, but they still let some people fear. 10. painted smile clown is always smiling, like this is not natural. In theory, we know that the red, a painted smile is fake. But when the clown painting makeup, it is very difficult for us to recognize his true feelings. According to Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) said, when he was a child, did the clown's nightmare. He believes that a painted smile makes him unable to distinguish what is happy or want to bite. smile make most people uncomfortable. As a social organism, in communication with other people when we need to understand each other's emotions, friends or just chat need emotional cues. Imagine a smile and stop the normal people talk scene, you can understand this uncomfortable come from. Jordan Gaines Luis (Jordan Gaines Lewis), published in the "psychology today": the clown painted smile limit obtained from the face when we communicate the emotional information. And when the clown buy cheap jordans online also need to smile back, even if we don't want to do. This makes us feel embarrassed or upset, worse, if it is to feel real fear of clowns, this pressure will lead to fear. The 9. of their mind and unpredictable people can not trust clown strange and mad, and part of their performance is to let you guess what's next. They will squeeze under the 20 clowns partner in a small car, from flowers on the clothes you spray a water, or to your face to throw a pie. One of the features is to do things clown exaggerated some of the usual imagined. people love to stay in their comfort zone, when life becomes unpredictable and unstable or insecure, there will be tension and anxiety. So when the clown will feel fear and is justified. (Scientific American) "Scientific American" an article pointed out that the clown is a "liar", allowing them to abandon their masks of social customs. We can never determine their next move, because the clown is there to challenge the bottom line of people. 8. is afraid of the unknown Penny Cu Retro jordans for sale rtis of the University of Sheffield (Penny Curtis), found in the children's Hospital on the wall painted with many patterns of clown always. So she decided to conduct a survey of 250 children in the hospital, children aged from 4 to 16 years old, in order to get their views on these patterns. Her research shows that most of the children of the clown figure "in the two 10 years, both the Foamposite One/Pro itself brings stunning space shoes colorful interpretation, application or Foamposite foaming materials in other shoes, let us see the importance of Foamposite in the Sneaker family circle shoes. is called "space shoes" bubble jet family, a shares can not be ignored as the forces in the new shoes, shoes in the environment is still vibrant, but also occasionally bring amazing works. at "BubbleJet" the title of a China taste, the family of Foamposite One and Pro two type of shoes, blue Foamposite One spray "starting Royal" is Penny penny Hardaway's boots, so from the Penny Chinese transliteration, there is a "spray" title. "bubble" is derived from the Pro, is also a special image! at to such a pair of guards in basketball shoes design in 1997, in terms of technological innovation or from the appearance of a unique, this pair of shoes at the time are completely subvert the values of the world.?Yesterday, the 2017 PEAK International Basketball Festival started in full swing, the Chinese line of signing PEAK star Lewis · Williams also revealed this for the International Basketball Festival exclusive design of one of woven basketball shoes. This section with the development of a fabric uppers, also equipped with hot melt process and dynamic ribbon provide good package and support, OUTDOOR exclusive PEAK RB wear resistant rubber outsole also allows players more calm in the face of external plastic even cement. It is reported that the official price of such a reform of the combat shoes at all as long as $299, to the court of fans may wish to pay more attention to oh! TB2gROozNhmpuFjSZFyXXcLdFXa-94504595.jpg (292.38 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2.G9nzJRopuFjSZFtXXcanpXa-94504595.jpg (952.02 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2zAWgzHlmpuFjSZFlXXbdQXXa-94504595.jpg (529.84 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB29sqjvwJlpuFjSspjXXcT.pXa-94504595.jpg (828.72 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 upload at 21:55 TB2sDVLvwRkpuFjy1zeXXc.6FXa-94504595.jpg (279.61 KB, download times: 4) download attachment pride of the people - PEAK releases a whole new woven actual combat basketball shoes 2017-6-30 21:55 upload peak, PEAK 00DeMar DeRozan has scored 18 points at the Toronto NBA All-Star star, in addition to eye-catching performance on the feet of that particular Kobe 11 is particularly eye-catching. This section from the NIKEiD platform, interested friends may wish to the official Day, Noon, Night three tone launched personalized design. demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights-1.jpg (241.74 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:43 upload demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights-2.jpg (136.42 KB, download number: 8) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:41 upload demar-derozan-nike-kobe-11-elite-all-star-northern-lights.jpg (108.3 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Kobe 11 DeMar DeRozan All-Star 2016-2-15 16:41 , Toronto, China upload, star game, the United States, Nike 00but this color is only GS size, AJ Girl welfare! But men's fans had a little regret. Overseas has been sold, when the domestic interested friends also please pay attention.