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NIKEiD for the Spiz Ike 'Jordan shoe new liquid metal burst material is now on the line, if you are still hesitant to customize their own a pair of words, may wish to look at the NIKEiD official bring the sample preview. In addition to the preview of the material in addition to the exclusive material rendering, lizard texture material and burst pattern in the bottom option also shows. May wish to go to NIKEID to try. source: sneakernewsThe 3neaker_jam 2016-1-30 13:02 editor the year of the monkey "colorful auspicious clouds" special projects, whether it is Parke's three generation, Howard Hill GH3, a generation or four generation boots are on the upper lightning location and all lined area to add colorful auspicious clouds element lines, the insoles complete pattern printed auspicious clouds represent the golden monkey hoop, many details of the decoration inspired by the golden monkey wearing golden armor. During the the year of the monkey "colorful auspicious clouds" special projects, Parke's three generation upper part and all lined area to add colorful auspicious clouds elements lines, the jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black insoles complete pattern printed auspicious clouds represent the monkey gold hoop, many decorative details inspired by the golden monkey wearing golden armor. 11.jpg (170.37 KB, download number: 0) download PEAK colorful auspicious clouds basketball shoes, Howard, Parke and Hill exclusive 2016-1-30 12:43 upload 12.jpg (171.7 KB, download number: 0) download PEAK basketball shoes 0 colorful auspicious cloudsEarlier we exposed a Adidas THE KOBE III Sample spy, and as it officially landed eBay auction page, this picture is also out for more details. Since 2002 Kobe Bryant and Adidas part company each going his own way, leading to the Adidas THE KOBE III failed to double the official release, and a rare version of Sample became obsessed with shoes treasures. In any case, as many as Comet shoes or worth mentioning, let us again some of it. It is reported that Kobe left Adidas design a big reason is this pair of shoes are not in accordance with the requirements of Kobe, Kobe III is the third generation car concept, has the extremely rich design details, such as the upper magnetic buckle, heel jordans on sale online and toe intake system, tire tread outsole and so on, but has failed to win the favor of Kobe. 1.jpg (202 KB, download number: 13) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 2015-3-23 09:54 upload 2.jpg (177.67 KB, download number: 1) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 2015-3-23 09:54 upload 4.jpg (176.82 KB, download number: 7) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 2015-3-23 09:54 upload 5.jpg (178.15 KB, download number: 1) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 2015-3-23 09:54 upload 6.jpg (181.44 KB, download number: 13) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 2015-3-23 09:54 upload 7.jpg (171.54 KB, download number: 1) download adidas THE KOBE III samples of white and red 200 March 19th morning in Zhejiang, Qingtian Wen Xi Tianhao Industrial Park, Taiwan ABC brand shoes held the theme of "Jin gong - 2009 new orders will fall". Group Chairman Zhang Limin, general manager Zhou Jianyong and ABC national agents, ABC children's shoes Marketing Center personnel, footwear industry media ga jordan 3 katrina 2018 thered to attend the meeting. 2008 is a special year, difficulties and opportunities, Taiwan ABC brand lotic brave, contrarian, the company after the real strategic deployment of scientific service, leading the national sales ABC legion, the difficulties, a record that Triumphant news keeps pouring in., peers envy success. at the meeting, Mr. Zhang Limin, chairman of the company made an important speech. He analyzed the current development trend of the economic form and the shoe industry, to the total generation clearly shows that this year the trend of ABC, call you Pojiulixin, rapid response, fast and efficient and open up a new situation. The first chapter colleagues, to ABC years of struggle to pay tribute to the warriors, as in the past the hope that we unite, we rely on the wisdom and strength, out of a new road in the special economic environment ABC and the brilliant achievements of the smooth development of recycling. general manager Zhou Jianyong stressed at the meeting, 09 years, is destined to be an extraordinary year, 08 years of financial tsunami flood in the year ahe Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ad of the arrival of the same industry, many brands have been shrinking, wait-and-see, extreme panic, one for the preservation of strength for free. The general manager Zhou Jianyong believed that the crisis is the opportunity, the same industry recession, pessimistic, conservative is the best fighter ABC attack cities and capture territories. At the same time, Zhou clearly recognize that some strong rivals are eager for a fight, ready to, this is a dangerous signal, 09 years will be a ruthless battle of wits, Armageddon has been ahead of the arrival of the weak, the weak, the strong stronger. as a special battle to deal with this special environment, Zhou announced that the board of directors of major decision at the meeting, the company decided to increase brand promotion budget of 25 million based on the original plan, decided to hand in the high-end media, well-known enterprise consultants, experts and elites, heavy attack, all-out attack. Subsequently, marketing director Mr. Luo Zhengming on the specific strategic and tactical deployment of detail, the company to make such an important de buy cheap jordans online cision, more resolute attitude, so that the presence of dealers all excited, for 09 years, even in the future was full of confidence. finally, Zhou Jianyong, the general manager called again: "the warriors present!"! In this era of warlords rise, the battle around the corner, the weak, the strong stronger, let us attack the horn sounded, the torrent, contrarian, King belief only)In the face of high-end users on Y-3 and QR Run before the release of a new design, the selection of materials and synthetic leather shoe body is formed by splicing, supplemented by dotted suede heel, and from the black and white shoes also highlight the essence of constructing the minimalist design aesthetics, finally equipped with built-in Boost cushioning bottom rendering technology. y-3-qr-run-black-white.jpg (287.96 KB, download number: 3) download Y-3 QR Run new design 2016-9-11 15:38 upload y-3-qr-run-black-white-3.jpg (225.2 KB, download number: 2) download Y-3 QR Run new design 2016-9-11 15:38 upload y-3-qr-run-black-white-1.jpg (201.07 KB, download number: 2) download Y-3 QR Run new design 20 jordans on sale mens 16-9-11 15:38 upload y-3-qr-run-black-white-2.jpg (236.87 KB, download number: 2) download Y-3 QR Run new design 2016-9-11 15:38 Y-3 QR Run Adidas upload, delete the theme from Tony 2016-9-28 to 18:50 reply 00Nike Jordan and Brand Quai jointly hosted the 54 World Championship streetball is about to start, and the new Air Jordan 1 "Quai 54" are not a small degree of attention! today, also announced a limited version of Air Jordan 1 and Quai 54, the body of the shoe using Yin and Yang split in half inside are made of black suede material, and the outside of the left foot and right lateral were red and blue skin made of litchi. The heel details are presented in French and red with a table, with a touch of eastern and Western stars. evaluation done on a dunk after yesterday, a lot of friends in the comments and I said to see the WeChat test of devil, I made a big devil today for everyone to enjoy the beauties, old, or genuine goods in Dongguan! The lower shoes shoes are leather, when it was reported that the launch of the paint is very light, create a great sensation, at the stadium of light Retro jordans for sale is very bright, especially in the middle of 90s and no shoes now so entertaining times, each generation of the AJ launch is a milepost. The body of the shoe upper leather for all lines, litchi peel has great texture. sole is irregular, like a foot shape, before and after the palm part is of black herringbone rubber lines, help grip. The other part is the milky white translucent crystal bottom. You can see the shoes in the bottom with indistinct irregular carbon plate. said carbon plate, the science and technology for the time, is also very eye-catching bright spot, carbon fiber plate hardness is very high, and very light weight, anti torsion for shoes is very good, the disadvantage is that expensive, especially the irregular carbon plate, mold and material non spent cost. It is said that a pair of shoes was on the carbon plate above the need to spend nearly 200 yuan of the cost of materials, and carbon board scrap rate is very high, so at the time and later for a long period of time, only very high-end shoes will use carbon plate, not to mention such a large area, irregular carbon plate. look air jordan 11 space jam for sale at the carbon plate close, black out. Feel the touch first, very hard, then feel very special, many cars now have carbon fiber material, touch basically very similar. JUMPMANlogo is embedded in the rear side of the shoe upper, a little feeling of depression, more secure, the heel is 23 mark, with jam No. 45 the difference is obvious! I was selling the factory goods, the general price is in 400-600, less than the price of the goods in Dongguan, do not say, is really really standard carbon in Putian can not buy Oh, if there is a need for the goods in Dongguan, WeChat can I add, I put the end of WeChat in the article, a a friend in need can be added under the understanding! kuxieba01adidas Originals ZX 8000 navy / light blue enjoy 2013-12-08 22:38:16 as & nbsp; adidas Originals ZX series of its most classic of one, adidas Originals ZX 8000 although no other models to the ultra-high popularity, but still has a loyal fan part of it. Recently, & nbsp; adidas Originals released a new color of & nbsp; ZX 8000 impressive. Shoe body with a navy blue suede material with mesh fabric to create, the heel is cheap foamposites used to work with a light blue, the classic three-bar design is the use of a hidden way performance. Entire section footwear trend, but without losing the feeling of a low-key and reserved. This shoe has been in the major stores shelves, like a friend not to miss.converse's shoes with a long history of Chuck Taylor All Star, as always, has released a new series of color shoes the first quarter, which in the spring of 2014 a new series of color in addition to the classic solid color shoes sunshine, but also a variety of new innovations It fits the color of the spring, for example, ink clouds as inspiration, with green, purple, red and blue into which released the high to help low to help and Chuck Taylor All Star shoes. And this is also the appropriate design trends introduced to camouflage and zebra as elements of the two high-top All Star, the series has been sold in various retail outlets Converse. : the seventh China (Wenling) footwear, shoes materials and equipment exhibition, sponsored by the Wenling Municipal People's government, will be held at 26--28 Sports Center in Wenling on October 2007, cheap air jordans shortly after completion of the exhibition. the exhibition has been greatly improved in terms of hardware and software facilities on the basis of the success of the previous six sessions. No previous professional exhibition, exhibitors complained of hardware facilities, and each year, held in May, it is the rainy season, the effect of the corresponding discount. Wenling Municipal People's government attaches great importance to the exhibition this year, the exhibition will be held to the end of October, and determined to vigorously improve the exhibition facilities, not only the requirements of the relevant government departments with strong support, and actively organize the leading local footwear manufacturers to participate, and invite domestic and foreign traders, buyers, agents, department stores to visit the exhibition, to set up in Wenling in the domestic and international shoe base image, improve visibility and reputation of Wenling footwear industry. according to the organizing committee, this year the investment work is carried out by the above wildly beating gongs and drums, currently scheduled booth 2/3, large domestic well-known shoe enterprises such as Qujiang, Zhi Guang, genesis, leader, giant light and Jin Feng shoes machine has a large area to implement the booth, the exhibitors responded quite strong, have asked the booth reservation expected this year will be the largest number of exhibitors, exhibitors the best exhibition. (editor in chief: admin)Minnesota lynx Maya Moore was regarded as the treasure of Jordan under Brand, after tailored for a number of PE shoes, and she brought back this exclusive version of Air Jordan 1, and this section also had the honor of landing shelves. This section selects the Obsidian color for upper primary colors, the Swoosh and the flanking details by luxurious gold decoration, while the inside is supplemented with purple red, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 332148-428 release date: July 25thPrice: air-jordan-1-maya-moore-release-date.jpg (149.68 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 GS Maya Moore 2015-7-20 11:44 upload Jordan 00has never had such a pair of damp shoes that can be so touching. 10 years ago, when the New Balance M585 meets the senior class tide brand HECTIC and the top shoe store Mita Sneakers, the tide shoes crossover ancestor MT580 was born, opened street fashion and sports shoes brand joint cooperation new generation. Even after 10 years of changes in the trend, MT580 is still in the forefront of the trend, to constantly introduce new and bold design and superior production process for shoes fans brought 35 classic, but different styles of tide shoes boutique. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary coming, Mita sneakers x HECTIC x New Balance limited edition 10th anniversary anniversary edition, with perfect for early Ganso's engraved, a taste of hardcore fans of classic shoes wish. Of course, in addition to bringing us to change the fur, plus the touch of the original touch of the original touch, MT580's internal also great universe. Instead of the original insole with 10th anniversary commemorative insoles, the ancient classics are presented on the insole in a skillful way. It is precisely because not every shoe fan can have the honor of the past MT580 income bag, such a pair of bearers of the history of the memories of the re engraved work, it is even more precious. In 2010, the global limited edition of the 5 wave 10th Anniversary Commemorative Edition MT580 will be listed in succession. First wave products will be strong landing in early June, mainland China limited edition issued 10 pairs. , like last year, Jordan Brand will launch special shoes for the Quai 54, a street basketball event held in france. Last year's Quai 54 special edition includes the corresponding color of the AJ9, this year in the Quai 54 series is Team including AJ5 and Iso 2. as you can see, this pair of Quai 54 AJ5 with a white leather tone, with green and black metal. Team Iso 2 is the first time we have seen, this pair of Quai 54 special edition of the black tone, with ink in the bottom and green radiation. The two pairs of shoes will be on sale at FootLocker and HOH, while Paris is on sale in June 18th, and London, Barcelona and Rotterdam will begin selling on Monday, local time. The United States will be available on July 2nd, local time. 4 K) M. X6 A8 n'',] 5 ^ (J# g