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this year, is well-known sports brand's signature Reebok shoes Reebok Instapump Fury established the first 20 years, the major trend of fashion units and Reebok launched a joint planning, leaving this wonderful wonderful memories. The Fan reebok girls market began to depart, invited to a Japanese street brand X-GIRL, we launched the X-GIRL x Reebok 2014 autumn and joint Instapump Fury shoes. Continuation of the design cooperation with women's brands Milkfed inkjet models Japanese style, black in color, pink and purple color ink spots, star pattern, to create a lovely image of street sweet girl. This time the shoes will soon begin shipping at their designated retailers, interested friends may pay more addition to the team related curse, NBA more is more targeted curse. I divide these spells into three categories: physical, mental, and poison. Damned encounter against the surprise of serious injuries such as belonging to the general first, easily under the influence of drugs or showing obvious IQ, EQ problem belongs to the second category, and weak and sick and more disaster or luck odd difference etc. mysterious events can be classified for poisoning attack. award curse: The 's fastest progress award spell is clearly the two type (Physics and poison) in turn. can get this award, the team in general is not strong, so winning persons (28 year history jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black of the award) never won not surprising, but the award in odd years of physical lethality is enormous: 2011 winner of Le Fu, injured (2012); 2009 Granger, injured (2012), 2007 Ellis, injured (2008), 2005 Simmons, injured (2006), 2003 arenas, injured (2007), 2001, Tracy McGrady, injured (more than once)...... even numbered years winners have apparently poisoned, bad luck often associated with small injury minor ailments lingering back: Brooks for 10 years, and by the next year, was sold; 2008 Turkoglu, drug-related suspension; 2006 Dior, waxed obesity; 2004, Randolph is almost worse, O'Neal in 2002, Auburn boxing. A attack is very powerful Awards: Best Coach award. This is a kind of poison curse. Under the spell effect. In the past 10 years best coach no lifted the championship trophy also fills and best coach in six years after winning two years has resigned, said to be natural phenomenon really don't have a good understanding. Move back, 1972 has 41 years, the best coach got the championship only twice: Jackson in 1996 and 2003, Gregg Popovich Zhuge, they add 65 years of cardinals, 70 years of head red Holzman and 72 years, Bill Sharman is all won that year's best coach. You can see the coach can avoid the curse not only belong to the hard life like, but the team have buxinxie powerful star. this year coach George Karl after winning the award unexpectedly imme Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale diately after class, breaking the former Grizzlies old coach Hubie brown after winning only played 12 games for physical conditions hanging printed record. I'm afraid this spell power was strengthened. has recently been concerned about MVP spell has obvious characteristics of reincarnation. 1956 began in MVP voting, from 1961 to 71 years, 11 years 7 MVP title. From 1980 to 2003, 24 years 12 MVP title, the two time MVP spell effects is very small, but in the 1970s for 9 consecutive years and at the beginning of the 20th century for eight consecutive years, no MVP to win the championship, the two era is the NBA situation in the confusion of the times. Now, Lebron for two consecutive years MVP champion, similar to the 60's and 90's Russell Jordan, or that a 〉 NBA round of prosperity and the curse of MVPfull futurism without losing the core elements of'94 Tiempo, NikeLab Tiempo Vetta QS continued Tiempo style. the full leather uppers and toe quilting design Nike Tiempo vetta QS retains the traditional Tiempo tongue, enabled new with design department and midfoot nylon buckle, let your feet full of vitality. mixed elements of the classic Tiempo Nike Tiempo vetta QS successful continuation of the NikeLab quality reputation represents NikeLab most of the new design level, the victory with the existing products, hurriedly in the elegant night with its collocati jordans on sale mens on a beautiful suit to the streets it. source: NikeNike Air Foamposite One "Maroon" on sale warning 2016-10-17 12:23:08 this pair of Nike Air Foamposite One "Maroon" reinterpreted the definition of "magic red", and this sale is sold in full size form, which will inevitably cause a great uproar. The red shoes vamp collocation rubber outsole, collocation black collar quite a beauty, on foot street will become the focus of the street! It is reported that the shoes in October 28th officially released, the selling price of $230, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. NikeLab Match Classic new color is now available for sale at 2016-08-26 11:29:23 NikeLab Match Classic, before once again launched two new color, the shoes are still in pure color LED, upper respectively in white and blue tone day. Vamp punching suede as the main material, texture and breathability are pretty good oh. And the arrival of autumn and winter, you also need a pair of simple and simple shoes to wear Oh. It is reported that the shoes are now on sale, priced at $109. "ten years grinding sword, the organic integration of hundred years brand" brand and the interpretation of life, showing the growth of the brand long road instead of a short duration of time. World marketing guru Kotler said: "if your company is just doing a product, this product you can't see any unique buy cheap jordans online place, do not see any special value commitment, advise you not to do such a product, because this type of product will soon be submerged in the ocean of the brand, do not think that you provide the lowest price will have the advantage, perhaps your competitors will offer lower prices than you, even if they finally went bankrupt, but there are always people who do". I have had this experience: a study with a customer market, when we entered the original plan of a well-known shopping malls will be opened, see the mall opened two months notice of delay, the reason is that the mall to spend 2 million to invite the brand "Louis Vuitton" is not like the mall front the decoration style and the requirements of the mall re rectification; also because Louis Vuitton this requirement, not only to the mall to spend millions of dollars of funds for the standard re decoration, and the original opening was delayed for two months. Just imagine, for two months, for a well-known shopping malls, what will be a concept, which is tens of millions of real money! This is the strength of the brand, but also the value of the brand; and looking at China's national strength gradually strong, we have such a national brand? Does our brand have so much energy? had professionals made specific investigation, the results showed that the domestic market: sales in the market in the production of cheap foamposites men's leather shoes, Wenzhou accounted for half, but it is interesting that all products are priced to Wenzhou do not touch. From this we can see that the penetration of Wenzhou shoes industry has demonstrated the regional style of Wenzhou shoe industry, and also exposed the problems existing in Wenzhou shoes industry. Especially Wenzhou shoes, after years of exploration and precipitation, although gradually out of a number of enterprises dare to challenge stereotypes, but the reality is the "millet plus rifles" era has become history, brand confusion of how to solve? first, the cause of brand dilemma take women's shoes, even today, even though Wenzhou women's shoes have shown a strong regional advantage, some women's shoes enterprises have even had the basic strength to sprint to the brand. But in the face of the market, to everyone's low impression everywhere, even in the vast majority of dealers seems to be the case, but at the same time, dealers require most or low prices. In fact, most of the Wenzhou products are not low, and even some brands of products compared with some well-known women's shoes brand products are not inferior, but the market has given a far cry from the evaluation. what is the cause of the passive situation in Wenzhou products? The answer is obvious, there are 3 reasons: 1, historical reasons; 2, enterprise positioning (on the one cheap air jordans hand, in order to meet the dealer's low price requirements; another)The Jordan brand is still expanding Premium series Essentials camp, the enduring Air Jordan has become one of the 1. The selection of high-grade leather shoes of body, supplemented by elegant pearl white throughout the body of the shoe, and the tongue with NIKE AIR logo embellishment retro flavor, equipped with rubber field finally ending. item: 555088-114 release date: June 20th air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-4.jpg (131.34 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-3.jpg (190.03 KB, download number: 2) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-5.jpg (107.28 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114.jpg (118.09 KB, download number: 3) download Air Jordan 1 Premium Essentials Sail officially released 2017-6-8 09:24 upload air-jordan-1-premium-essentials-sail-release-date-555088-114-0[Chinese shoes Network - News] shoe brand Peak (PEAK) to fully enter the US market, opening up a Chin jordan 3 katrina 2018 ese brand to enter the international brand of the road, Peak successful operation in the US market but also to Chinese brand enterprises to establish a benchmark. 2011 recently signed with Olympic Loew, McKee Wright three American NBA players will be a new Olympic equipment debut in the All-Star game, and now the official Olympic and NBA reached a partnership and signed 15 NBA star spokesperson, This would mean blowing in the NBA China & middot; Olympic Tornado, which is a national brand of pride! Following last year set up a US subsidiary in Los Angeles, February 17, 2011, officially announced that the Olympic brand will fully enter the US market. On the day of the news conference, he gathered many Olympic Team signing NBA players, including Sasha ?E Wujiaxiqi, Javier ?E McGee, Dorell Wright and Dikembe Mutombo ?E like. In addition, NBA legend "iron man" AC Green and the New Jersey Nets CEO Brett ?E Yue Make other guests were also at the event to congratulate. According to the reporter, Lufkin, McGee Wright Peak signing three players were dressed in Olympic equipment will appear on the two days after the All-Star Game. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said: "The choice before the All-Star to enter the US market for the Olympic is a big challenge, not only because of the Olympic contract in NBA All-Star Weekend will be appear in the history star mo jordans on sale online st Chinese brands, but also seize this opportunity to show their big stage in the international, to achieve international brands across again. " internationalization process upgrades "satellite" system policy came into being Pick choose the US subsidiary established in the City of Angels ?X?X?X Los Angeles, this collection of cities in the world culture, fashion, science and technology, trade and other centers, Su Jia Olympic US subsidiary CEO, explains: "We are in World fashion, trade, science and technology of the most sensitive areas, will be able to tip the fastest way to receive international information, the use of local resources and advantages of advanced concepts from various aspects of product development, market development, talent introduction as the core values ??of the Olympic brand, enhance the brand the competitiveness of enterprises to maintain and consolidate the domestic market continues to open up overseas markets play a positive role. " At the end of 2010, the Olympic in China already has more than 7,000 stores, and registered the trademark in more than 160 countries overseas, the products are exported to Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas, the initial formation of China as the core Market brand global marketing network. Pick established a US subsidiary with the operation line, as this marketing network is installed a satellite Retro jordans for sale system, industry, science and technology, the most high-end international market, accurate positioning of the development direction of the brand, the world's most keen to receive dynamic information from , clearly grasped the strategic regulation of enterprises, forming "core + satellite" strategy layout. Insiders said that this "satellite" type of marketing model, will help the brand more quickly and more effectively dialogue with the world, refining the brand competitive in the global market in the forefront of the industry, providing an important driver for the brand of international development force. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; deep extension of NBA international market to build brand identity Pick from the beginning of creation to establish a global brand at the development of strategic objectives, and in 2005 was officially launched brand internationalization strategy, with the NBA in hand, the brand with the international high-end professional basketball bind, let passion Olympic basketball tournament has become the communication link with the world of consumers. Now Olympic and NBA official reached a close partnership and signed 15 NBA players converged spokesperson, brand and image of the popular international professional basketball, sports marketing in the Olympic corporate strategy development process has become part of the core. 2011 All-Star Game air jordan 11 space jam for sale Kevin ?E Lufkin, Javier ?E McGee, Dorell Wright ?E three players will be dressed in Olympic expedition equipment, but also to make the world fans witnessed Chinese brand presence again. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Speaking of Kevin & middot; Loew, Javier & middot; McKee, Dorell & middot; these three names off Wright 2011 NBA All-Star Game Titans, in fact, are the Olympic New signings, before signing the attention of fans has not been, after nearly a year tempered, they were showing their extraordinary ability, especially Kevin & middot; Madness data Loew of the season is to let him get fans gift "rebound monster "title. Currently, he also set up their own official microblogging in China by signing a strong promotion of the Olympic brand, we have received tens of thousands of Chinese fans. Loew recently in micro-Bo said: "This year, I feel like the outbreak of the same, have the exclusive Peak signature boots, also won the attention of many fans, the All-Star Game I will live up to expectations, so own and then crazy one! " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In these six years of intensive cultivation, the Olympic law changes in the NBA market gradually ease, select the potential of young players as signing the object, become an important symbol of the Olympic selection spokesperson. "We hope that through the stars of tomorrow train on the field, establishing brand loyalty among the players and, in the hearts of fans of the Olympic logo printed under the long-term." Peak CEO Xu Zhihua representation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; during the Asian Games in Guangzhou last year, will, Olympic sponsorship through six countries from the Western region of Central Asia, the Middle East, etc., effectively help to further leveraging the Olympic market development in the Middle East, West Asia and other overseas regions marketing strategy praised by the industry. And the Olympic run again hands of gold resources NBA, All-Star Game by the situation, to launch a comprehensive strategy to enter the US market, horn, stationed in the core area of ??the international market, and establish a "satellite" system marketing model, the brand international process a big step forward. Insiders said that this may be the Olympic rhythmic depth overseas markets continue to expand, but its exploration and impact on the industry is bound to lead the mainland enterprises to a new direction in the field, causing the industry's brand competitiveness contest upgrade again.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market], "February 28, spent 601 yuan in the mountain of the Adidas store to buy a pair of sneakers on March 5 this double finish of the shoe. appears at the upper right-footed finish off. a new pair of shoes for less than a week, in the absence of man-made rubs case, there Diaoqi phenomenon, I think the problem is the quality. "March 31, Ms readers to Hohhot Newspaper reporters reflect. On that day, the reporter saw Ms. She told reporters that the store's sales staff was told she would contact the manufacturer, but until March 21, the staff of the shop call this, identification results manufacturers believe Miss Tian buy sneakers finish off belonging man-made causes, not returned. Ms. Tian presented to reporters a covered adidas Sports (China) Co., Ltd. QC product advice issued tracking table. In the morning, a reporter with Ms. Tian came to the shop, a sales staff, told reporters that the results of the manufacturer identified as: the problems caused by human factors belong, do not accept returns. "If you are not satisfied with this result, Ms. Tian, ??you can find a special accreditation bodies were identified, if it is quality problems, we will accept the return requirements." The clerk told reporters. Inner Mongolia letter really firm Fanhui Rong lawyers said, according to "Consumer Protection Law" Article 24 stipulates that the operators to provide goods or services does not meet the quality requirements, consumers may, in accordance with state regulations, the parties have agreed to return, or require the operator to perform the replacement, repair and other obligations. Miss Tian buy Adidas sneakers finish within 7 days of the emergence of finish off quality problems, the law requires businesses to be able to return. If the merchant does not agree to return, Miss Tian can be solved by the associations or litigation. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)After after New York, London Fashion Week has ended, Milan fashion week has officially opened this month at the end of the month. In addition to the major brands and fashion people feel busy outside, street photographer also did not stop, from the front of the new street shot photos, selected the 10 most popular around the foot shoes welcome. Among them may see Nike, Air, Huarache, Adidas, Originals, Stan, Smith, Tubular, Runner, and Y-3, Qasa, High and so on "regulars" figure, I wonder if you can identify some shoes through pictures?. {div〉 After a lapse of 13 years, Hare color Air Jordan 7 Bugs Bunny will return again, at this year's Jordan Brand brand pearl anniversary, with many pairs of shoes Bunny bring new products, but the most classic is the inevitable double Air Jordan 7 "Hare". Light and colorful feel of the upper level, bright and eye-catching geometric patterns, Air Jordan 7 shoes on the perfect display, and cartoon giant cross-border cooperation, it is difficult to refuse.